G01 Fuel System Installation.
Fuel Tank.
I installed the fittings using Teflon paste. For the fittings going into the tank I only tightened them as tight as I could with only my fingers. If they leak I will try tightening them a little tighter with a wrench. For the fittings around the shut off valve I used a wrench to tighten them. I then only used my fingers to tighten the strainer into the tank.
Tank Installation.
I put the tank into the fuselage. I connected the tank straps with bolts to hold the tank in place.
Fuel Line.
I used a coat hanger to get a rough measurement and shape of the fuel line. I shaped and cut the tubing for the fuel line. I flared the ends of the fuel line. I attached the fuel line to the shut off valve and the 90 degree elbow at the gascolator.

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