C01 Controls.
C02-03L&R Rudder Cable Adjusters.
I fabricated these two parts from 1.5 inch wide bar stock. I used the band saw to cut to size. I used the drill press to drill the holes. I used files and the scotch brite wheel to finish the size and shape.
C01 Controls - Rudder.
I started following the plan general instructions for the rudder. I removed the retaining clips for the fairleads so I could thread the rudder cables from the front to the back of the fuselage. I reassembled the fairleads. I attached the aft cable ends to the rudder drive horn.

L07 Hydrualic Brakes and Wheels.
The pucks seemed to be keeping the inside bearing from fully seating. So I tried using a hardware store washer as a spacer but that left a large gap between the disk and the pucks. I removed the pucks and then the bearing fully seats. So I have ordered some AN960-1216 light washers. These washers have a thicknes of .032. I think that one or two of theses should space every thing a proper distance. We shall see.

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