F02 Wing Rigging.
With the help of a friend I was able to redo the right hand hole for the main spar. First we mated the wings together out side of the fuselage. We left the left wing in the wing stand. We put the right wing in position on top of the left wing spar. I aligned the holes. I put the bolt in the left hole. I put the 1/4 inch pins in the three alignment holes. I put the 3/8 inch OD bushing in the right hole as far as the hole existed from the previous drilling. I clamped the spars together. On this step all that will be drilled is the new attach block. I drilled through the bushing with 1/4 inch drill approximately 1/2 inch into the new attach block. I took out the bushing. I then used the 3/8 inch drill bit that I had dulled all but about 3/4 inch at the tip. I drilled into the new attach block approximately 1/2 inch with the 3/8th drill bit. I then repeated the bushing and 1/4 inch bit for another 1/2 inch. Then the 3/8th for that 1/2 inch and then the rest of the way with the 3/8th inch bit. We the put the wings back in the fuselage. I used the three alignment pins to position the wings and spars. I clecoed the aft spar tunnel and aft vertical angles in place. I inserted the 3/8th inch bolt in the left hand hole. I used the bushing to be sure the right side was aligned. I then used the 3/8th inch bit to drill through the forward RH vertical attach angle. I drilled from the back to the front using the existing holes to guide the drill bit. The holes turned out great. I also noticed that the rivets by the hole in the front vertical would interfere with the nut for the bolt. So I drilled out those rivets and put them back in from the inside.

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