F02 Wing Rigging.
In addition to replacing the RH Fwd Attach Angle I have decided to replace the Attach Block that is next to that angle. That is the Attach Block on the Left Wing Main Spar on the right hand side. Today I fabricated that attach block from 1" x 1 1/4" bar stock. I drilled the two 1/4" holes and installed it on the end of the Left Hand Wing Spar. I used a "D" drill bit to get tight fit holes. I will drill the 3/8" hole after I install the new RH Fwd Attach Angle.
Today I also started assembling the side vents that I purchased from Van's Aircraft. These are the vents used on the RV-12 and back vents for the RV-10. I have seen a few others use these vents on their Sonex. So I have decided that I will give them a try.

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