F02 Wing Rigging.
Rear Spar Carry Through.
Clamped the shear angle in place. I used the "Tight Fit" drill attachment and a 90 degree attachment to drill the pilot holes.
I removed the rear spar carry through assembly.
I finished drilling the pilot holes for the side attach angle. I then up drilled those holes to the #30 size for the rivets.
I put the assembly back in the fuselage and up drilled the holes through the shear angle and the fuselage cross piece.
I again removed the assembly.
I the attached the shear angle to the spar carry through. I drilled and up drilled those holes to the final size of #30.
I clecoed the side attach angles to the rear spar carry through. I then up drilled the holes to the #30 size. I used the drill press to carefully back drill the 1/4 inch hole through the side attach angles.
I then clecoed the rear spar assembly and side attach angles back in the fuselage to check that the pins alignment. The pins alignment was good.

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