F02 Wing Rigging.
More work on the wing rigging. <>br>I removed the leveling tubing.
With some help I pulled the right wing out of the fuselage. Also partially pulled the left wing out of the fuselage. I filled the top of the fuselage opening for the right wing spar. I also up drilled the 3/16th holes on the rear wing spars to 1/4 holes. This matches the holes on the rear spar carry through. Pushed the left wing and then the right wing back into the fuselage.
I then centered the wings in the fuselage.
I set up the wing leveling tubes. I inserted a shim between the lower longeron and right wing spar. This leveled the wings.
Using clecos I put the aft spar tunnel, aft side vertical wing attach angles and gussets back into their place in the fuselage.
I connected the wing rear spars to the rear spar carry through using pins.
That is it for today.

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