F02 Wing Rigging.
Continued work on the wing rigging.
First I worked on centering the wing in the fuselage. I measured from the attachment block holes to the side fuselage skins. I was able to get it to within 1/32nd difference. Next I setup the tubing with windsheild washer fluid to check for wing level. I also verified that the fuselage was still level. I tried to insert a shim under the spar to raise the right wing but there was not enough room. I will need to pull out the wing some so I can fill the top of the opening that the wing spars go into the fuselage. This should allow the spar to go up so I can insert a shim to level the wings. I also tried to set the incidence in hope that it might allow enough room above the spar. It did not allow enough room.

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