L01-05 Axles.
I used a 6ft piece of aluminum angle and 2 short scrap pieces of angle to position the axles on the gear legs. I put the toe in alignment tools on the axles. I clamped the short angles to the axles. I clamped the 6 ft angle to the 2 short scrap angles. There was a place on each on the axle welded part that interfered with the 6ft angle. So I filed away enough of the angle so that they did not touch. I used two large carpenter squares clamped to the 6ft angle to hold the axles the 14 3/8 inches from the bottom of the fuselage. I used visegrips to hold the axles to the gear legs. I then used the hand drill to drill a starting position through the pilot hole in the axle and onto the gear legs. I removed the right gear leg from the fuselage with the axle still held in place by the visegrip. I setup the drill press with the self centering jig and gear leg / axle. I then drilled a pilot hole through both the axle and the gear leg. I up drilled the hole to the final 1/4 in size. I put the AN4-17 bolt through the gear leg and axle. I bolted the gear leg back in the fuselage. I clamped the angles back to the axle. The position and measurements were still correct.

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