L01 Gear Mounts.
The kit supplied gear mounts did not have the pilot hole drilled. I used a bent coat hanger to locate the top and bottom of the doubler in the gear mount. I then measured the 1/2 inch location for the pilot hole per the plans. I drilled a 1/8th inch pilot hole and up drilled to the 1/4 inch. I inserted the gear legs. I used the hole in the gear leg to locate and drill the 1/4 inch hole on the other side of the gear mount. I put the gear mounts back in the fuselage using clecos to hold them in place. I then inserted the gear legs and installed the bolts holding them.

L01-05 Axles.
The kit supplied axles did not have the 3/16th pilot holes drilled. I located the position of the pilot holes. I used the drill press to drill the pilot holes on one side of the axles. I drilled the hole on the side that will be on the up side when placed on the gear legs.

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