L02-01 Nose Landing Gear Assembly.
Installed the two set screws holding the SF 4048-20 bronze bearings in place. I first practiced on a piece of scrap. Then I did the actual assembly. I drilled the two holes. First #40 then #30 and finally #21. I used the 10-32 tap to create the treads in the two holes. I used AN525-1032-R4 Machine Screws. They were a little too long. So I screwed each one into the practice scrap and used a file to shorten the screw. It took a couple times of trial fit to get them short enough. I used a piece of emery cloth attached to a wood dowel to smooth out the inside of the bearings. I then did another test fit of the nose gear strut. It fits great.
P32-01 Engine Mount.
I again attached the engine mount to the fuselage using the temporary bolts and nuts.

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