Nose Gear.
P32-01 Engine Mount. I removed the engine mount. I debured all the holes for the engine mount, shims and engine mount angles.
L02 SF 4048-20 bronze bearings. I filed and sanded the inside tube of the engine mount. I also sanded to out side of the bearings. I did this until I was able to insert the bearings into there location on the engine mount.
L02-02 Nose Gear Strut. I removed the powder coating where the strut will travel between the two bearings. I first used a propane torch and wire brush to remove the powder coating. I then used emery cloth to sand the strut smooth and remove any remaining powder coat.
L02-01 Nose Landing Gear Assembly. Trial Fit.
I placed the L02-13 Steel Washers and the L02-12 Spring on the Gear Strut. I then inserted the Gear strut into the bearings on the engine mount.

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