F03-01 Rear Spar Carry Through Assembly.
I first lined up the F03-03 Fitting with the F03-05 Angle Fitting using a AN4 bolt in the 1/4th inch holes. I clamped the two parts together. I used the drill press to drill three #30 holes in the angle fitting using the 1/8th holes in the fitting as a guide. I clecoed the holes as I went so I was able to remove the clamp to get the third hole.
Next I lined up the fitting and angle fitting with the F03-02 channel again using a AN4 bolt in the 1/4th inch hole. I made sure the bottom edges were parallel and clamped them in place. I then drilled the 1/8th and 3/32nd holes through the channel using the other parts as a guide.
Next I remove the angle fitting and aligned it with the F03-04 Spacer. I clamped it in place. I used the drill press to drill the 1/8th inch holes in the spacer using the holes in the angle fitting as guide. I clecoed as I went and removed the clamp to drill the final 3rd hole.
I clecoed the angle fitting and spacer back on the -02 assembly. Next I up drilled the 3/32nd holes to #30 size for future rivets. Then I up drilled the three 1/8th inch holes to 3/16ths for the AN3 bolts.
Next I took the assembly apart and deburred all the holes.
Then I assembled the assembly using clecos for the rivets and AN3-7A bolts in the three holes.
I then repeated the process for the other end of the assembly.

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