G01-07R & -07L Gascolator Mount Brackets.
I was going to start on the engine mount install. But the plans call for using .06 shims. So I looked in the materials list to see where the .063 sheet material was used. I found that the only thing left was the gascolator mount brackets. So I decided to make these brackets prior to making shims for the engine mount.

I used the band saw to cut the rough shape of the brackets. I then match drilled the 4 rivet pilot holes using the drill press. I clecoed the two parts together. I drilled the 9/16th holes using a step bit on the drill press. With the two parts still clecoed together I used the scotch brite wheel to make to two parts the same shape and polished the edges. I used the brake to bend the 90 degree angles.

I then got out the gascolator the I got from Wicks as part of the Fuselage Hardware Kit that I purchased when I bought my kit almost three years ago. I found that the gascolator is a Usher gascloator which is not what is detailed in the plans. The brackets will not work with the Usher gascolator. I looked at the hardware list from Sonex and it calls for the Usher gascolator. But the plans show a gascolator that looks like the Homebuilder Gascolator sold by Aircraft Spruce. Bummer! I need to check with Kerry to find out what is going on.

(10/31/2013 I got an email back from Kerry. There are pictures in the Aerovee manuel that show the Usher gascolator installed.)

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