F08-11 Aft Flap Attach Angle.
Found that the pilot holes I drilled yesterday did not allow the angle to be the proper distance from the side panel. The plans had a 3/8th in measurement for the hole distance on the wing attach angle. The plans did not provide a measurement number for the distance on the flap attach angle. Yesterday I centered the holes on the aft attach angle. When I tried lining up the flap detent angle I found that the tip was not the required 37/64th from the side as called out in the plans. When the tip was at the 37/64th the detent angle had a 1/8th in gap from the aft attach angle. Further investigation and measurement of the plans showed that the holes on the aft attach angle should have been 3/8th in from the outside edge rather than the 1/2 in.

So I made a new F08-11 Aft Flap Attach Angle from 1" angle stock. I used the old angle as a pattern for the spacing of the pilot holes on the new aft attach angle.

F08-07 Flap Quadrant Installation.
I then clecoed all the parts in place and check for proper location. I drilled the 1/8th pilot holes in the attach angles using the 1/8th holes in the detent angle. I up drilled all the bolt holes a rivet holes to the final sizes. I deburred all the holes. I installed the rivets the hold the flap attach angles to the wing attach angles on the side panel. I installed the bolts holding the detent angle to the attach angles. These will need to be removed during the wing rigging.

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