F07-07L & -07R Left and Right Hand Corner Plates.
The part is provided as a kit part. However they needed to be bent 30 degrees. At first I thought I could do the bend with the arbor press. But that did not work because the one side is to short a distance from the bend, I ended up put them in the wood vise on the Harbor Freight work bench, I the used rubber/plastic hammer to make the bend.

F07-06 Cross Tie Attach Plates.
These also were provided as kit parts. I I needed to do to them was polish the edges and debur the holes.

F07-05 Instrument Panel Cross Tie.
Yesterday I had cut the channel stock to the correct length. Today I used the band saw to cut the one flange to the 1/4 in size. I also used the band saw to cut the angles on both ends. I used the small scotch brite wheel on the die grinder to polish all the cut edges. Next I used the table saw to cut a 2x4 with a 30 degree ange to use as a form. I clamped the part with the form to the work bench. I then used the rubber/plastic hammer to form the 30 degree flange bend.

F07-03 Instrument Panel.
The kit proved the part as a flat item with the pilot holes done. I used a combination of bending with the hammer and bending brake to make the required bends.

F07-01 Glare Shield.
The kit provided a preform part. The bends were already done. It needed to be trimmed to the correct size and shape. I used the snips and files to trim and shape the part. It still need the pilot holes drilled.

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