C02-08 Rudder Pedal Pivot Block Assemblies.
I made the Rudder Pedal Pivot Blocks from phenolic.
I used the band saw to cut the blocks of phenolic to the proper size.
I used the drill press to drill one of the bolt holes through the blocks for each assembly.
I then placed each assembly under its attach angle. Using the actual attach ange as a template I the started the second hole for each assembly. I then finished drilling the second bolt hole using the drill press.
I bolted together each assembly and used the drill press to drill the 1in holes.
I used a half round file to file a chamfer the edge of the holes that are next to welds on the rudder pedals.

C01-01 Controls Installation.
I installed the C02-08 Pivot Blocks and the C02-09 Rudder Pedal Assemblies.

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