L04-01 Tri-Gear Main Landing Gear Mount.
Today I counter sunk and dimpled the aft spar tunnel where the gear mounts will be attached by machine screws.
I first practiced on some scrap material.
I used the micro stop to get the proper depth for the counter sink. I do not have a dimple die for the 3/16th size so I used the a smaller size to get the dimple started. I then used the machine screws torqued to 25 in/lbs to get the finished dimple. That worked very well.
Bob Meyers said in his web site that he went ahead and riveted together most of the aft spar tunnel at this time.
I checked and I will be able to get it in and out OK. So I went ahead and riveted the vertical angles and the support angle to the aft tunnel angle. I did not rivet the ends where the shear plates will be attached. I did this while the gear mount were still bolted to the assembly.
Tomorrow I will remove the gear mounts and cleco this assembly back in the fuselage.

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