L04-01 Tri-Gear Main Landing Gear Mount.
I removed the left mount and angle from the side panel. I updrilled the holes through the mount and side panel angle to #30 size. I deburred all the holes. I then clecoed the side angle back in place on the side panel. I also clecoed the left mount back in place.

I then started on the right hand mount.
I worked on getting it in the correct position. I enlarged the hole in the lower skin for the gear leg a little bit.
When I had the mount in the correct position I started drilling holes.
I first drilled the 3 holes that go through the lower skin and the longeron to the #40 size.
I then drilled the 8 holes that go through the lower skin and spar tunnel to the #40 size.
Then I drilled the holes that go into the aft side of the spar tunnel to the #30 size.
Next I used the 90 degree drill to drill all but one of the holes that go through the angle on the side panel to the size #40. The lowest hole I could not get the angle drill in position. I will remove the angle and the mount and drill this hole outside the fuselage. I will also updrill these holes to the #30 size outside the fuselage. Like I did for the left mount.

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