F08-03 (C05-04) Seat Sling.
I have decided that for now I will not make the modifications for the Optional Dual Center Controls in C09. I am thinking that I will do electric flaps and the brakes either on the side or on the stick. I do not want the levers in the middle. I will decide later. I finished filing the cut outs to the final sizes. I used the small scotch brite wheel on the die grider to polish the edges.

F08-04 and -05 Hinges.
I cut them to length, drilled the #40 pilot holes, removed the required lugs and deburred the edges and holes.

F08-06 Hinge Pins.
I cut them to the proper length (including the bent length) using the cut off wheel. I used the bench grinder and scotch brite wheel to finish the ends. I then used vise grips to hold and bend the end per the plans.

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