F11-01 Fuselage Box Assembly.
I continued reassembly with clecos.
I riveted the side panels to the aft fuselage.
I riveted the clips and gusset to the firewall and floor stiffeners.
I riveted the lower skin to the side panels, forward tunnel zee, floor stiffener and lower cross tie / firewall.
Next I riveted the rest of the lower firewall. I used the bent rivet mandrel tool to get in around the motor mount brackets.
I used CCP-46 rivetes to attach the upper clip to the upper cross tie. The plans call for CCP-44 but since I added the spacer I needed to use CCP-46.
I installed the 4 AN3-5A bolts that hold the upper cross tie. I torqued them to 25 in/lbs.
I revited the hinge halves to the firewall.
I installed all the remaining AN525-10R12 Bolts. Laurie helped by holding the heads while I did the nuts. I torqued them also to 25 in/lbs.
I riveted the 3 CCC-42 rivets from the tunnel zee to the aft clip.
After today I am at hour 1,299 on the project.

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