F10 Aft Lower Cabin Details.
F10-07 R&L Idler Attach Brackets.
I used the band saw to cut these from some left over Z03-02 .032 Channel. I used the scotch brite wheel to clean the edges. I then drilled the required #40 pilot holes. I used the hack saw to cut to length. I measured and drilled the required #40 pilot holes. I also used the band saw to remove the two center lugs.
F10-02 Cap Assembly.
I clamped the Seat Attach Hinge and the F10-03 Angle to the table. I drilled and updrilled the holes to #30 for the rivets. I deburred all the holes. The plans call for CCP-42 rivets but that is based on the F10-03 angle being made from .032 angle. The F10-03 Angle is now provided in the kit as 1/8th angle. So I decided to up size the rivets to CCP-44. I then installed all the rivets holding the hinge to the angle using CCP-44 rivets.
F10-01 Angle.
I used a hack saw to cut Z04-03 Channel Stock to the required length. I then used the band saw to remove one of the flanges and cut the two corner notches.

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