F10 Aft Lower Cabin Details.
F10-16 Idler Assembly -
I used the arbor press to press the bushings into the F10-18 Pivot Angles. I put the assembly together without the Idler Plate. I line drilled a 5/16th reamer through the bushing. I put in the Idler Plate with the pivot bushings. It was too tight so I added some shims at the spacer to get a proper spacing and movement of the Idler.
F10-14 and F10-15 Gussets.
These are kit supplied parts. All Ineeded to do was clean the edges and debur the holes.
F10-13 R&L Seat Belt Attach Channel.
I used the band saw to cut the length corner notches and end flange. I used files and the scotch brite wheel to get the final size and shape. I used oak blocks and a clamp to bend the end flange to 90 degrees. I still need to layout and drill the pilot holes.
F10-12 Center Support Channel.
I used the band saw to cut to a rough length. I used the scotch brite wheel to trim to final length.

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