F10 Aft Lower Cabin Details.
I removed cut marks from the edges using files from the kit supplied parts:
F10-25 Gusset Spacers and
F10-24 Gussets.
For F10-22 Idler Plate I removed cut marks from the sides using files. I also up drilled the pilot holes to their final sizes of 1/4" and 3/16".
Using the band saw I cut F10-20 Spacer. I usde files to remove cut marks from the edges.
I then clamed F10-19 attach angle to the spacer and match drilled the holes to #13 using the holes in the angle for location.
F10-17 Idler Support Assembly.
I clamped F10-18R & L Pivot Angle together with the F10-20 Spacer and F10-19 Attach Angle in between. I used a drill bit to hel align the holes. I up drilled the holes untill I was able to insert the two AN3-7A bolts. I also had to round the one edges of the Right Hand Pivot Angle to allow it to rest in the radius of the Attach Angle.

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