F11-01 Fuselage Box Assembly.
On the Aft Tunnel Web Assembly I did the counter sinking of the six holes that will get the AN470AD-4-5 rivets. Three on each end F16-04 Support Angle on the tunnel side.

I removed, deburred and dimpled the 2 F16-08 Side Clips, the F17-12 Aft Clip, and the F16-02 Forward Tunnel Zee.

I also removed and deburred the F17-09 Floor Stiffener, the F17-11 Gusset, the F17-08 Firewall Stiffener, the F17-10 Upper Clip, the P13-08 Half Hinges, and the F17-01 Lower Firewall.

With the firewall removed I was able to match drill the one center remaining hole that goes through the upper and lower firewalls into the fire wall stiffener.

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