F14-01 Left and Right Hand Forward Angle Assemblies.
I clamped F14-04 Firewall Attach Ange, F14-03 Cowlling Attach Hinge and F14-02 Forward Angle together arrange per the plans instructions. I drilled and clecoed pilot holes at each end and in the middle. I then clecoed the assembly to the table and drilled the remaining pilot holes. I removed the assembly from the table and clecoed it together.
F14-10 Gussets.
I deburred the pilot holes and polished the edges to remove the cutting marks.
F13-04 Longeron doublers.
I polished the edges to remove the cutting marks.
F13-05 Canopy Latch Strike Plates.
I used the band saw to cut the phenolic to the size and shape per the plans. I used a router table to make the radius on the one edge. I used the drill press to drill the 1/8" pilot holes.
F13-02 Upper Forward Longeron
I then clamped the plates to the longeron lined up with the slots per the plans. I then used used a #30 drill to drill out as much of the corresponding phenolic that I could. I then used a hand copping saw to remove the material between the holes. I then used files to shape and smooth the phenolic to match the slots in the longeron. Next I drilled the 1/8" holes from the phenolic through the longeron. I up drilled these to the 3/16th for the bolts. I clamped the F13-04 doublers to their location per the plans. I drilled the pilot holes, #30 holes and counter sink for the requiered rivets.
Upper Firewall Filler Box. I received the last Southco receptacle. I riveted it in place.

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