F15-05 Rudder Pedal Support Angle.
I cut the rough size from .063 sheet stock using the band saw. I then used the bending brake to bend the 90 degree. I used the band saw, scotch brite wheel and the belt sander to finish to proper size and shape. I then used the drill press to drill the #40 pilot holes.
F15-08 Spacer Plates.
I used the band saw to cut the 2" lengths of 1/2" x 1/8th" bar stock. I finished and smoothed the edges using the scotch brite wheel.
F15-15 Flap Drive Pivot Block Assembly.
I used the band saw to cut the phenolic blocks. Since I am going to install the flap handle in the middle (SNX-C08) I need one more set than this plan calls out. So I cut a total of six (3 pairs).
F15-03 Left and Right Hand Rudder Pedal Mount Assemblies.
I clamped F15-04 Left and Right Hand Rudder Pedal Mount Angles to the table with a 1/8th" spacer between it and the table. This put the side of the angles 3/8th" above the table. This is the proper distance that the F15-05 support angle needs to be offset. So that way I was able to place the support angle on the table and then clamp it to the mount angle in the proper position. I then drilled and up drilled the holes in the support ange using the mount agle as a guide.

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