F17-02 Upper Firewall Assembly.
I removed all the clecos from the assembly. I deburred all the holes. The 11/32" holes for the Southco Fasterners were rather rought so I used the rotoary tool to polish up all those holes. I dimpled all the holes that go through the windshield strap into the former and filler box. I also cleaned off all marks. I next reassembled the filler box to the former. I riveted the filler box to the former. all of these rivets have there heads inside the filler box. The 5 at the bottom of the filler box I was able to do with the rivet puller but the other 14 I had to do by hand. Then I reassembled the windshield strap and Southco receptacles. I riveted the strap and receptales into place.

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