F17-02 Upper Firewall Assembly.
I started off today by seeing that 5 of the rivets I did yesterday were put in with the heads on the wrong side of the assembly. I assume that that is for clearence for the filler neck of the gas tank. So I drilled them out and reinstalled them. No problem.
Next I worked on installing the F17-04 Windshield Strap on the assembly. That took almost all day. The plans call for the edge of the strap to be flat on the table with the web of the former to be up 3/4" on a spacer. So I placed some 3/4" mdf on the table to provide the required distance. The plans also call for the strap to be centered on the former. I tried to keep the former on the spacer and clamp the strap to the former. But it kept coming out with improper placement on the flange of the former. So I marked a blue line on the flange of the former and 3/4" marks on the strap. I then went back and forth between clamping the strap off the table and checking it on the table. I started in the center and worked my way out to the ends of the strap. Next I drilled the pilot holes using the strap pilot holes as a guide. Again I started in the middle and worked my way out to the ends. Next I drilled the holes for the Southco Fasterner Receptcales. I also flatened the fluting where the rivets and fasterners will go. I also up drilled the pilot holes to #32 since they will be dimpled.

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