F21-01 Fuselage Tail Cone Box.
Sherar Web / Bulkhead. I test fit putting the Shear Web / Bulkhead in place as an assembly. It worked just fine. So next I riveted the Shear Web Bulkhead together out side of the box. I did not rivet F22-06 Forward Angle to the assembly. Instead I riveted it to the vertical channels in the box bt it's self. I used the holes I had already drilled when the Shear Web was in the box. Next I clecoed the Shear Web / Bulkhead back in position.
Aft Area. I then up drilled to #30 all the rest of the holes in the Aft area that will be riveted now. Next I took every thing a part and deburred all the holes that were up drilled. Then I reassembled every thing with clecos. I riveted every place in the aft area that the plans required.
F24-01 Cross Tie Box Assembly. I trimmed and fit the ends to go around the splice plate. I drilled all the #40 pilot holes. First I did the front of tne box, then the top and last the F23-12 clips on the back. I then up drilled all the holes to #30. I also up drilled to 3/16th the 4 holes on top the will get the AN3-7A bolts. I test fit the bolts.

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