F21-01 Fuselage Tail Cone Box.
I up drilled to 3/16th the 6 holes that go through the Tail Skid, Vertical Stabilizer Assembly and the Aft Lower Mount Angle. I then made the F21-02 Spacer. I used the Tail Skid Mount as a pattern for the holes. I then removed the Lower Vertical Post Assembly items from the Vertical Stabilizer Assembly. I then clecoed all the parts back on the Tail Cone Box. Next I drilled #40 Pilot holes through the tail skid mount bracket at the Forward Lower Mount Angle. I up drilled to #40 the 6 holes that only go through the Bulkhead and Forward Lower Mount Angle. Next I up drilled to 3/16th the 4 holes that also go through the Tail Skid Mount.
I positioned Upper Cross Ties #2, #3 and #4. I made sure the box was level and the sides were square. I then drilled #40 pilot holes I was able to access. On each corner there are three holes that are to close to the table top for me to drill. I will drill pilot holes when I turn the box over.

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