F23-08 Fitting.
I used the arbor press to bend this kit part to the required 10 degrees.

F23-07 Angles.
I rounded the inside corner using a round file. I also debured all the edges.

F23-05L and F23-05R Left and Right Mount Assemblies.
I aligned the -07 angles to the -06 webs and clamped them to the tables. I drilled the #40 pilot holes using the web as a guide. I then clecoed the web, angle and fitting together for the assemblies. I up drilled to #30 the holes that will get riveted at this stage.

F23-02 Bulkhead.
I cut the kit provided channel stock to the proper length using the band saw. I layed out the two large holes and the 14 pilot holes. I used the drill press to drill the 14 #40 pilot holes. I also used the drill press with a step drill to drill the larger holes to as close a size as I could. I then used a cut off wheel to cut the straight part of the large oval cut out. I then used files to get the 15/16th hole to its final size. I also used files to get the oval cut out to its final size and shape.

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