F24-01 Cross Tie Box Assembly.
I up drilled all holes to #30 size. I deburred all holes and edges. I used the table top and jig to hold the assembly while I riveted the upper web to the forward and aft channels. I removed the assembly from the jig and clecoed the lower web to the assembly. The assembly is complete to the plans. This plans page is now complete.

F23-12 Support Angle.
There are 2 of these parts. I cut the rough size and shape from Z02-03 angle stock using the band saw. I finished the final size using the scotch brite wheel and belt sander. I then used the drill press to drill the #40 pilot holes per the plans. I then bent the one side to 10 degrees as called out in the plans.

F23-10 and F23-13 Forward and Aft Support Channel.
I cut the rough length from Z02-04 Channel Stock using the hack saw and band saw. I finished to the final length using the scotch brit wheel and belt sander. I located the position of the 1 1/8th in holes and started drilling pilot holes.

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