F24-05 Lower Cross Tie #1.
I cut the Z04-03 channel stock to a rough length using the band saw. I finished it to the final length using the belt sander and scotch brite wheel. I bent the one flange to the 5 degrees per the plans. I cut the cut out notches to a rough size using the drill and band saw. I finished to the final size using the die grinder, files and the scotch brite wheel.

F24-10 and F24-11 the forward and aft channels.
I cut the Zo4-03 channel stock to rought lengths using a hack saw. I finished to the final size and shape using files, the belt sander and the scotch brite wheel.

F24-01 Cross Tie Box Assembley.
I built a jig using some scrap angle. I got this idea from Bob Meyers web site. The jig holds the forward and aft channels at the required 3 inches and squaire to each other. I then used squares and levels to be sure there was not any twist. I started drilling the #40 pilot holes.

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