F25-01L Left Hand Aft Side Panel.
I up drilled to #30 those holes that will be riveted on this assembly. There are 4 holes that were up drilled that will not be riveted at this time. I placed some blue tape on those clecos to remind me not to rivet those holes.
I located and drilled pilot (#40) holes for the upper and lower splice plate. I used a piece of scrap angle to create an extension of the side panel on which the required measurements could be made per the plans. I started with the vertical splice plates. They were clamped in place and then pilot holes drilled using the existing holes in the splice plates as guides. Then the horizontal splice plates where clamped in place and pilot holes drilled. The two bolt holes in the lower vertical splice plate were step up drilled to 3/16th (#30, #21 and 3/16th).
I located the vertical Zee #1 using the blue bend line on the aft side skin, The Zee was also located down 1 and 1/8th inch from the top of the upper longeron. I then drilled the #40 pilot holes in the Zee using the pilot holes in the aft side skin as a guide for location.

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