F25-01R Right Hand Aft Side Panel.
Today I drilled #40 pilot holes in F26-02R Right Hand Upper Longeron using the pilot holes in F26-01R Right Hand Aft Side Panel Skin to locate the holes. I clecoed the skin to the longeron as I drilled the holes.
I also installed the F27-09 Fairlead Assemblies on the F27-05 #5 Vertical Channels anf F27-01 Vertical Zees.
I trimmed the right hand Vertical Zee and Channels #2 - #5 to properly fit the F25-01R Right Hand Aft Side Panel.
Then I drew a blue line on the flangs of the vertical channels #2-#5 to be used to align them with the pilot holes in the Aft Side Panel Skin.

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