W08-01L Left Hand Main Spar Assembly - I attached W11-10L LH Tie Down Fitting and W11-11 Outboard Vertical Stiffiner Angle to the spar assembly. I located these parts by the predrillied holes in the upper and lower spar caps. I clamped the parts in place and drilled 5/32 holes to match the predrilled holes. I then clecoed these parts to the assembly. I then used the predrilled holes in the angle to locate the four holes in the spar web. I drilled those four holes with the #40 #30 and #21 drill bits. I also up drilled the hole in the upper spar cap using the #21 bit. I then updrilled the three holes in the lower spar cap using a 3/16th bit. The parts where removed and deburred. The parts where reattached using clecos. The two AN3-6A and one AN3-7A bolts where installed per the plans. I then used the Sonex bolt and hammer method to install the 5 rivets per the plans.

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