W12-02R and -02L Right and Left Hand Rear Spar Channel - Used files and die grinder with scotch brite wheel to enlarge and polish the two holes on W12-02R. Made a template tool to drill the #40 pilot holes for where the ribs will attach to the rear spar. Using a formed rib as a pattern I drilled #40 holes into a piece of scrap rear spar channel material. I then bent a peice of scrap .025 aluminum to wrap around both sides of the scrap spar channel. I then reverse drilled the holes from spar channel scrap to form the template. I tested the template by drilling new holes on the spar channel scrap. The rib was clecoed to the scrap to test the hole locations. It worked great. I then drilled several #40 pilot holes into W12-02R Rear Spar Channel. About half way through the holes in the template were starting to get out of round. So I drilled new holes in the template the same way I did previously. I finnished all the holes in the W12-02R Rear Spar Channel. I celcoed ribs to all the locations to test the fit of the holes and if the ribs where square. Everything was good.

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