W06-01R W06-01L Flap Skins - Finished lay out and cut to shape per plans. W06-04 Flap Drive Plates - Drilled #40 holes per plans. W06-05R and W06-05L Flap Drive Rib Assemblies - Using W06-02 and W06-03 (Flap Ribs) along with W06-04 (Flap Drive Plates) completed assemblies. Clamped Drive plates to flap ribs in correct position per plans. Drilled #40 holes through flap ribs using drive plate to locate holes. Updrilled all holes to #30. Updrilled the single holes at end of drive plate to 3/16. Removed clecos and deburred all holes and edges. Riveted drive plats to ribs using CCP-44 rivets.

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