F21-01 Fuselage Tail Cone Box.
I turned the Box over so the bottom was up. I removed the clecos and skin from the bottom. I installed the tail skid mount. I put the mount in position and places the 3/16th spacer between the mount and the aft end of the box. I clecoed that location. I installed 4 AN3-5A Bolts at the bulkhead location. I torqued the bolts to 25 in/lbs. I turned the assembly box on its side. I moved one of the tables out of the way and set up three saw horses to hold the box assembly. I turned the box so that the top was up. I moved the box on to the saw horses. I leveled the forward end of the box. I then used a camera tripod to level the aft end. I placed some foam between the aft end and the saw horse as a precaution in case the tripod does not hold. I used a level to check that the sides, top and bottom were all level and plumb. I am very pleased all locations were correct.
F23-11 Aft Push Rod Support. I installed the support by placing it per the plans. I drilled and up drilled the holes. I deburred and riveted the support as per the plans.

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